Wavy Bowl
  • Wavy Bowl

    This is a great project for an afternoon family activity or one of our many (many) evenings at home. Get the additional clay and make it a date night.


    Start by rolling out a slab of clay and then, if you'd like, add decoration and texture to one or both sides.  Using a mold to form the wavy, bowl shape, this is a fun and straight forward project that creates lovely results.


    The kit includes all of the materials to make the bowl, including 2 kg of clay, a sponge, smoothing rib, bowl mold, texture tools, instructions and idea sheets.  A kitchen knife is needed to cut the clay.  


    A rolling pin may be borrowed from the pottery studio for a 10chf deposit. The deposit will be refunded when the rolling pin is returned.


    There are two finishing options. The piece can be glazed in a single color of your choice or it can be fired unglazed and returned with a pack of acrylic paints, so the artist can paint the piece themselves. Both options are included as part of the total kit price.


    If you decide to purchase the additional clay, this includes an additional bowl mold, firing and finishing your extra piece.


    • Firing and Finishing

      What is the difference between the Acrylic Paint and the Glaze options?  The biggest difference is that the glazed pieces are food safe and with the acrylic pieces, you get a second activity/a little more creativity.

      - If you choose the acrylic paint option, your piece will be fired without glaze.  It will then be returned to you with an additional paint brush and a small pack of acrylic glazes.  Your child can then paint the piece however they wish.   The finished piece will not be food safe.  

      - If you choose the glaze option, your piece will be glazed in one of five stoneware colors (burgundy, turquoise, cream, pink, and denim blue). The piece will be food safe, although likely not dishwasher safe, due to the geometry of the shape.  The project is "one and done" and has a more finished look, however is only completed in a single color.

      - You can decide on your firing and finishing option later.

      How do I get my finished pieces back to you?  This is a great question!  Ideally you will be able to place the finished piece back in the wood pick up cabinet.  Please let me know that it is on its way.  If there are further restrictions on movement, we can wait until after the coronavirus situation is passed to drop the finished pieces back at the studio.  Please do not mail your unfired pieces.  

      Your kit will include a sheet with glaze color options. When you return your finished piece, please include your contact information and select which color you would like to have for your item.   

      All glazes are food safe.


    • Pick up or Shipping

      Pick up or Shipping

      This product is available for studio pickup.  It can also be shipped via Swiss Post.   Shipping cost is initially listed in checkout, but the free pickup option can be selected after entering your address.

      For pick up orders, after your order is confirmed, it will be placed in the wood cabinet on the studio patio.  

    CHF 30.00Price