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Materials List

  • 1.

    Regardless of whether you buy a kit or bring your own materials, there are a few basic supplies you will need.

    • Scissors

    • Stones - somewhat flat, clean, large enough to have some fun wrapping

  • 2.

    Materials to wrap with.

    Try to find a variety of materials to bring, so you can try different things.  Flexible, fairly long.

    Good options include:

    • Cane (Peddigschiene)

    • Leather cord

    • Twine

    • Raffia

    • Waxed cotton cord

  • 3.

    It will also be helpful to have a large needle (for weaving ends) as well as a large bowl of water if you are working with cane. 


Purchase a Materials Kit.

Why collect all of the materials yourself when TRö can do the work for you?

We have material kits for this workshop for sale in our online store. 

They include 2 sizes of cane, leather and waxed cotton cord, 2 types of twine, and a tapestry needle.   

Available for pick up in Basel Stadt.

You bring the rocks.  We'll sort out the rest.

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